Cooperating Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Broward County

Forensic and Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychology, Together

Dr. Byk’s expertise in forensic psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry has proven effective in cases from Ohio to Florida, for over more than a decade. As a forensic psychiatrist expert witness, Dr. Byk has given crucial testimonies in many criminal and civil cases. Despite this success, Dr. Byk recognizes that in order to treat psychiatric disorders to the highest procedural and ethical standards, psychiatry must be paired with psychology. Medications only do so much.

Each disorder comes with a set of identifying criteria. Medications prescribed by psychiatrists help fix those criteria, or symptoms, and provide essential relief for your mind. However, what triggers these disorders and imbalances cannot be solved by medicine alone. Medicine cannot change the thinking process that stems from your personality, experience, and upbringing. Our brains may be technically chemical, but we have not discovered the neurotransmitters to fix this sort of learned thinking and behavior. Until we reach that landmark in science, medication is limited.

Unlike some forensic and geriatric psychiatrists, Dr. Byk believes psychology provides an essential companion for successful psychiatry. By addressing your thinking and teaching you how to resolve the thinking around disorders, psychology can help solve the root cause of disorders that are only eased by medications.

Dr. Anna Chuenyeva serves as the psychology counterpart to Dr. Byk’s forensic and geriatric psychiatry expertise. As Dr. Byk’s first hire, she has long performed psychological therapy treatments for Dr. Byk’s patients and developed a team atmosphere between these two important halves of treatment. When psychiatric treatment has reached its limit, the patient is recommended to Dr. Chuenyeva for therapy. She further analyzes the psychological effects of the medicine, advises adjustments in the treatment, and identifies new or unrecognized side effects. Communication between Dr. Byk and Dr. Chuenyeva produces the most refined, personalized treatment plan.

  • More refined treatment plan
  • Consistently personalized medication doses
  • More efficient recognition of side effects
  • Doubly effective communication with patients
  • No unnecessary stacked medication
  • More effective long-term treatment success