A forensic psychiatrist is a professional that can give opinions at the intersection of mental health and the law with regard to both criminal and civil matters. While there are ways of defining mental health impairment specified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual the federal government and each individual state defines them separately. These are just a starting point for different types of evaluations that a forensic psychiatrist can perform, including criminal responsibility, criminal competence, evaluation of criminal interrogations, and violence risk assessments.


Forensic psychiatrists can also perform evaluations in civil procedures, which include psychic injury due to trauma, personal injury, fitness for duty, and guardianships.

Dr. Byk has completely a yearlong fellowship designed to train general psychiatrists in the subspecialty of forensics. This training allows psychiatrists to be eligible for a board certification in forensics. Dr. Byk has experience performing these types of evaluations and will provide the utmost professionalism and ethical standards.

If you are an attorney or believe you may need a forensic evaluation and have questions about these services, please contact Dr. Byk directly via email. This will be the quickest and easiest way to receive answers to your questions.